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Our Pool:
WATCH: DLSHCC Gavan Ryan Aquatic Centre launch: Our new pool - video
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If you have any queries, please contact Brenda at the My App Zone () or school contacts below:

Junior School - Mr Vernell  

High School - Mr Liebenberg  

New parents - please download the DLSHCC App for all relevant information.


Board of Governors



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Sister Beata Maria Leipolder
Owner representing the Holy Cross Sisters (Ethos)
Adv Paul McNally
Chairperson (Parent) (Parallel Curriculum, Legal and Governance)
Ms Deborah Harris
College Principal, De La Salle Holy Cross College (Ethos College Management, PR / Communication / Branding, organisational structure / succession planning)
Mr Atholl Murray Headmaster, De La Salle Holy Cross College High School (IT)
Mr Neil Berndsen Headmaster, De La Salle Holy Cross College Junior School
Mr Bobby HeaneyMr Douglas Salmon
Mr Douglas Salmon
Health, Safety, Security and Maintenance
Mr Barry Martin Finance and Fundraising
Mrs Leanne Manas Parent
Mr Victor de Abreu
Insurance, Safety and Security (Parent)
Dr Agonia Chopamba Kamba
Mr Lucious Leballo Transformation and Diversity (Parent)
Adv Tererai Mafukidze
Legal and Governance (Parent)
Mr Patrick Munyembate Alumni (Parent)
Mrs Valerie Leeming Parent

Parent Advisory Council PAC

The objective of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is to strengthen the link between parents and the school. It assists with issues and concerns raised from time to time by the school and parent body which are then researched. The PAC provides advice and makes recommendations for further action by the school.
The areas of activity of the PAC include:
  • Issues relating to the education of the children, conduct, discipline and community values, as far as they affect the parents and the school
  • Coordination of parent and other parent group activities
  • Implementation of appropriate communication procedures between the school and the parent body
  • Acting as a consultative forum on any issues referred to it by the school, which fall within its Terms of Reference.
In addition, subcommittees exist for all security, fundraising, representation, environment, marketing and communication issues.
Nominations are called from parents annually, and only parents with a child at the school may be elected.
Parents are welcome to address issues via the Speakeasy Box. Please address your queries to:
Junior School -
High School - .

School Supporters Gear

A range of clothing items for supporters of De La Salle Holy Cross College is available. This is a fundraising inititative of the PAC in the Junior and High Schools. All profits go to the College.
The range of supporters gear in navy and red is available for purchase (please see attached pdf). Should you like to order items, please contact Marianna on 082 447 9688 or email
NOTE: These items are NOT for pupils. They are for parents, past pupils and any other supporters of the College.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop (situated in the Junior School) will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30-12.30, by appointment only.
Should you require an appointment or have any queries, please contact Jessica on 079 897 4217.
Any unclaimed lost property is sent to the Second Hand Uniform Shop regularly for resale.

MySchool Card and WeBenefit

Card usage is the key to the success of the system. Every swipe counts!
Supporters can use their card at a range of national, regional and local retail partners on the MySchool system. pdfMySchool Application form
Visit the MySchool website for more details -
WeBenefit - click on the image below for more information:
2. De la Salle postcard

St Charles Catholic Church

13th Street and Road No. 3, Victory Park, Johannesburg
(011) 782 5417/8
(GPS 26˚ 08’ 30.3” S and 28˚ 00’ 09.34” E)

High School Social Media

A number of different methods are used to keep parents and learners informed of what is happening in the College.  
  • Twitter
  • Twitter is used to ‘tweet’ current news, wishes of good luck, messages of congratulations, results of activities, etc.
  • Facebook
  • Please ‘like’ us for magazine type highlights, such as detailed results, current stories and news.
  • Follow us on Instagram for event photos and updates.