The Class of 2018 in all their finery at their very special dance.

De La Salle Holy Cross College held the matric dance for their 2018 Grade 12s on 4 May.

‘The Lost City of Atlantis’ was this year’s matric dance theme, and the high school hall was transformed into a beautiful underwater world of enchantment and magic.

The matrics had an incredible experience and it was a memorable occasion for all.

As is the school tradition, the Grade 11s fundraise, choose a theme (which is a closely-guarded secret) and decorate the hall themselves.

The entire school turns out for ‘The Oscars’ – to watch their matrics arrive and walk along the red carpet to great cheers.


The following evening (5 May) the hall was used for the ‘come back, give back dance’, attended by parents and past pupils, and all money raised is donated to a selected charity, along with blankets brought by the guests.

The current heads of De La Salle Holy Cross College –- Nicholas Leeming and Tasneem Sallie.


“The matric dance was a truly unforgettable experience and a night that I will always remember.  It is an incredible tradition that our school not only invites the matrics but teachers and our parents to celebrate this special evening with us.


Some of the long-standing and special traditions include a mother-son dance and a father-daughter dance.

A huge thank you to the Grade 11s and the matric dance committee for their hours of hard work and for transforming our school hall into the Lost City of Atlantis.

It was an unforgettable experience and one I will never forget” said the head boy, Nicholas Leeming.