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Northcliff & Melville Times: DLSHCC Environment Committee makes waves

An art mural of the ocean using plastic waste was built by the De La Salle Holy Cross Environmental Committee.

De La Salle Holy Cross College Junior School learners had a wonderful day building an art mural of the ocean using plastic waste.

This project was aimed at increasing awareness regarding the importance of recycling and the damaging effects of plastic.


Children and parents from De La Salle Holy Cross College have a wonderful time building an art mural using plastic waste.


The effects of plastic on aquatic life is a growing problem and are detrimental to the future and ocean environment. Aquatic animals are in danger of ingesting the physically and chemically damaging plastic compounds. There is also the risk of ingesting concentrated quantities of highly bioaccumulative compounds that are some of the most potent toxins found.

Eighty children and 10 parents were involved in the cutting, sticking, painting, tearing and creating of the art mural using waste plastic. The mural was displayed on the school walls and at the end of the day. The High School’s environment club also joined in to help finish the project.

The College Environmental Committee is working hard to make environmental education and awareness an intrinsic and essential part of the children’s education, as they face ongoing and growing environmental challenges.

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