IMG_7937_19684-768x576 De La Salle Holy Cross College Class of 2020 bid farewell to their school. Photo: Neo Phashe

De La Salle Holy College High School Matric Class of 2020 exceeded all expectations and did their school proud.

For the 34th consecutive year of the amalgamated college, the matrics achieved a 100 per cent pass rate. Of the learners who sat down for the IEB examinations, 98.7 per cent obtained a bachelor’s degree pass. In total there were 214 subject distinctions and 173 B symbols.

To celebrate this outstanding achievement, the school hosted their outgoing matrics to a celebratory gathering. Along with looks of sheer pride that seemed to take a firm hold over each teacher and heads of the school, there was also non-alcoholic champagne, cupcakes and the feeling of great accomplishment to make that morning the auspicious occasion it was.

Headmaster of the school, Atholl Murray said the staff was remarkably proud of their matriculants, “In a very difficult year, that no one could have foreseen or planned for, the learners still performed exceptionally.”
He said the biggest take away is the fact that the community is responsible for this success. Murray explained parents played a hands-on role in ensuring the success of class.

He is excited for the future that lies ahead of this class as he thinks this is the most prepared class they have sent out in terms of what the world is now like. For the school, it was important to make these learners very aware of the privilege of where they have gone to college. “Where many schools in our country struggled tremendously, it was very important for us to be cognisant of how fortunate we are,” Murray said.

Christine de Villiers, who is in charge of academics and leadership at the school, said the success of the learners was due there being a great team effort. “There were challenges faced but our teachers stepped up to the challenge and so too did our learners.”

She said the school is proud of the teachers and the matrics who blew them all out of the water with their results. De Villiers hoped the class would continue this success streak in university, blossom and find their niche ‘and that we have prepared them enough to be grounded people who can adjust to any situation’.

For the Class of 2021, Murray said they have a perfect example – resilience, adaptability and flexibility and this is the legacy the outgoing class leaves behind for the many matrics to come. 

The college principal, Debbie Harris, concluded with hopes that this class would exemplify the school’s motto of ‘Be first, that you may be of service’. That they would find ways to enrich the community through vocational work all while recognising how fortunate they have been.