Extra Mural Activities

De La Salle Holy Cross College provides all its learners with the opportunity of participating in a wide variety of academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting and church/community related extramural activities.

Cultural activities form an integral part of the broader curriculum offered at the College.

Learners are expected to take part in one cultural activity per year.


  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Hockey (Girls)
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Cheerleading
  • Adventure Club
  • Cycling Club


The College embraces all the disciplines associated with cultural activities and strongly supports the critial role of the Arts in the community and its value of offering individual expression.

Major productions have ranged from High School Musical to Grease and Mort.

Participation in the annual Festival of Public Speaking held by the Speech and Drama College of S.A. is a highlight of the cultural calendar, as is debating in the United Nations simulated debates held by Wits University.

Choir, a small school band, chess and a distinctive Scottish Pipe Band provide numerous opportunities for passionate and enthusiastic pupils to immerse themselves in culture.

Lasallian Youth


LSY Committee - trip to Ngomi

Ngome is a site where a shrine has been built to honour Our Blessed Mother’s request to Sr Reinolda May. She had over 10 visions of Our Lady through which She gave the instructions that Sr Reinolda May was to build a shrine up in the hills where seven streams meet – a place where pilgrims can come to pray, collect Holy Water and ask for Our Lady’s prayers. Here, the committee had time to visit the shrine and pray to Our Lady Tabernacle of the Most High; pray with their prayer partner at the stream; pray the Stations of the Cross together and shop for some Religious items. The surroundings were beautiful – a small forest, a view of valleys and hills all around, peace and tranquillity, and a feeling of welcoming and warmth.

Ngome 18.1.png  Ngome 18.2.jpg
 Ngome 18.3.jpg Ngome 18.4.png


Young Lasallian

Profile of a Young Lasallian may be downloaded:
http://www.delasalleschool.co.za/file/yl_profile.pdf (Link)


Young Lasallian Creed:

As Believers...
We understand we are living in a reality that is increasingly multi-religious.
We believe in ourselves, others and the Creator’s will to make a better world.
We promote acting in prayer and faith with all cultures and religions.
With Enthusiasm...
We understand the joy of living is contagious, and it permeates our daily lives.
We consider that the joy is in the journey, no matter how difficult.
We promote acting passionately and tirelessly to spread happiness.
Using Kindness and Creativity...
We understand young people’s need for compassion as they face their problems.
We consider patience with one another shows love and builds bonds of peace.
We promote trust and hope through actively listening and sharing.
As Family...
We understand the need for us to participate within the Lasallian Family.
We consider growth through shared experience moves us closer to our mission.
We promote sharing in each other’s experiences for greater understanding.
In Union...
We understand together we can build a Civilization of Love (Pope John Paul II).
We consider our calling to come together to build a better world.
We promote strengthening our bonds of communication.
With Humility...
We understand De La Salle freed his heart and humbled himself before God.
We consider that only with a humble spirit can we share what we are.
We promote touching the hearts of others.

Through Responsibility...
We understand fulfilling commitments brings meaning to our lives.
We consider providing opportunities an essential quality of our charism
We promote action which empowers young people.
Through Example...
We understand, in this era of globalization, there is a lack of witness.
We consider that actions speak louder than words.
We promote fully committing ourselves each day in the Lasallian Charism.
With devotion...
We understand that it is in small acts that we can make a difference
We consider each individual valuable
We promote working ardently for the young, especially the poor.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking - Wednesday 16h00 -17h30.


Debating - High School hall - Tuesdays 17h00 - 18h00. 


Choir practice - Wednesday - 17h00 to 19h00. 


Chess - Friday - 14h30 - 16h00. 


The College offers Dramatic Arts as an academic subject, and, although Drama as an extra-mural cultural activity is offered separately from this, the two activities do complement each other naturally. We see this activity as an ideal platform to grow our pupils’ talents and allow them the space to explore philosophical life truths in studying and developing settings, characters and plots. The pupils who participate in Drama at the College learn commitment and the value of both fun and excellence as a reward for hard work.

The College’s dramatic year is divided into three performance events:
  • The major production (traditionally a dramatic/comedic piece is alternated with a musical annually)
  • The Night of the Stars (our College’s talent show where we showcase our pupils musical, dramatic and comedic abilities)
  • House Plays (a competitive event of three one-act plays chosen, produced and directed entirely by the pupils themselves)
The College’s philosophy in Drama is not a prescriptive one. Pupils are encouraged to grow and hone their skills through practical application. Pupils are also encouraged to embrace the tradition of the theatre in its entirety, therefore it is not only about the glory of acting on stage, but also very much about the theatre-craft behind the final product. Our pupils enthusiastically take on the roles of scriptwriter, set designer, director, props manager, stage manager, sound engineer, lighting director, costume designer, marketing director, front-of-house manager, etc.

Finally, Drama provides a close-knit family environment where pupils who experience or view reality in different ways find a haven where they are encouraged to share views and ideas, and where their commitment to the art form ensures their social acceptance.

NIGHT OF THE STARS - See 'Gallery' for photos.

First Aid

The First Aid Team comprises of learners from Grade 8 to Matric.

All members of the team have qualified either with a Level 1 or Level 3 from the training done at the school by an outside service provider, who has been training with the High School for over 7 years.  Members of the team earn community service hours by being on duty at sporting events held at the school, ranging from the internal Interhouse events to the large multi-sport derby days.

Weekly meetings allow the members to ensure that the duty roster for the following week is full and to practice key skills such as log rolls and incident scenarios.

Members of the First Aid teams in the past have gone on to study in the medical field.

Photography Club


De la Salle Pipe Band

25 May 2019 - DLSHCC Highland Gathering
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 09.10.58.png

Click on the photo below to watch a video of the 2018 Highland Gathering.

The De la Salle Pipe Band has been playing and competing for more than 40 years.