Outreach & Committees

"Be first, that you may be of service" underpins our Outreach and Commitees Projects.

We try to address some of the needs of our community in the following ways:

Environment Committee

Electronic waste collection



How often have you thought that you can't keep up with how quickly technology is advancing. Unfortunately the planet feels the same way - it cannot keep up with the huge amount of waste that is generated as technology forges ahead.

The electronic waste that each person generates is considerable and often the thought of how to dispose of it is a daunting one. E-waste is banned from landfills as it contains hazardous materials that leach into the ground water when exposed to the elements. Consumption of this water, even after filtration can cause health problems. Often electronic recyclers will only collect if there is a large load.

That is why the environmental committee has decided to have an electronic waste (e-waste) collection a few times a year, giving you the opportunity to dispose of your e-waste in a responsible manner.

Outreach Committee

We follow a policy in which we reach out to the needy whether they be children, elderly or destitute adults or animals. We believe in giving of our time as well as in kind where needed.

Johannesburg City Council

Johannesburg City Council:

This programme promotes civic awareness, fosters leadership, a distinct sense of community and promotes the values of tolerance and respect. The “failures” of initiatives are considered in detail from many perspectives and are only relinquished once they can be sincerely reframed as successful learning experiences.

This is a dynamic, far-sighted organisation and has been operating for almost 60 years. The community is encouraged to support our representatives and actively support their sincere desire to live out their slogan of being MAD or “making a difference.”

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Young LaSallians


Profile of a Young Lasallian may be downloaded:

Young Lasallian Creed:

As Believers...
We understand we are living in a reality that is increasingly multi-religious.
We believe in ourselves, others and the Creator’s will to make a better world.
We promote acting in prayer and faith with all cultures and religions.
With Enthusiasm...
We understand the joy of living is contagious, and it permeates our daily lives.
We consider that the joy is in the journey, no matter how difficult.
We promote acting passionately and tirelessly to spread happiness.
Using Kindness and Creativity...
We understand young people’s need for compassion as they face their problems.
We consider patience with one another shows love and builds bonds of peace.
We promote trust and hope through actively listening and sharing.
As Family...
We understand the need for us to participate within the Lasallian Family.
We consider growth through shared experience moves us closer to our mission.
We promote sharing in each other’s experiences for greater understanding.
In Union...
We understand together we can build a Civilization of Love (Pope John Paul II).
We consider our calling to come together to build a better world.
We promote strengthening our bonds of communication.
With Humility...
We understand De La Salle freed his heart and humbled himself before God.
We consider that only with a humble spirit can we share what we are.
We promote touching the hearts of others.

Through Responsibility...
We understand fulfilling commitments brings meaning to our lives.
We consider providing opportunities an essential quality of our charism
We promote action which empowers young people.
Through Example...
We understand, in this era of globalization, there is a lack of witness.
We consider that actions speak louder than words.
We promote fully committing ourselves each day in the Lasallian Charism.
With devotion...
We understand that it is in small acts that we can make a difference
We consider each individual valuable
We promote working ardently for the young, especially the poor.