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This week's news


22 September

The High school learners celebrated Heritage Day by dressing up in Heritage outfits and having a braai.

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On Tuesday 26 September at 19h00 in the High School hall, Professor Ihron Rensburg , the Vice Chancellor of University of Johannesburg, will be addressing the school as part of our heritage celebrations. His presentation will include the perspectives of the 1976 student, some personal perspectives of how these incidents shaped his world, as well as what school communities should be doing to prepare students for the road ahead.
Please find attached his very impressive resume. He is a fantastic speaker and well worth listening to.
We look forward to seeing you all there.
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Each year the International Council of Young Lasallians calls on Lasallians throughout the Institute to participate in the  Lasallian Peace Month (21st September - 21st 0ctober) through activities, prayer, study or action.
The Young Lasallians are inviting you and all members of our Lasallian Family to pray and take action as peace builders in our world - beginning on the 21st September (UN International Peace Day) to the 21st of October the Lasallian Peace Day.
The official Poster of the International Lasallian Days for Peace was designed by De La Salle School in Alimos, near Athens, in Greece.
The theme for our Lasallian Peace Month 2017 is "Peace Without Limits"
pdf2017 September 21 Prayer C
Dear Parents & Guardians,
The link below will lead you to a letter on Digital Citizenship and guidelines for assisting our children and ourselves in a digital world.
The letter has a number of live hyperlinks that will enable you to easily follow and look into particular aspects of the letter.  Digital letter to parents


Please see High School 'Gallery' for:
  • Gr 10 camp
  • Gr 11 Leadership camp
  • Interhouse Athletics
Exciting news: the first DLSHCC Alumni newsletter is out! pdfDLSHCC Alumni newsletter - Issue 1
Please see under the 'Past Pupils' page for more information.

pdfAD News September 2017 - page 9 - DLSHCC


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-11 at 17.28.35.jpegSpelathon Gauteng finals
On Thursday, 7 September, two of our learners went to the Spelathon Gauteng finals that took place at Reddford House in Northcliff. Katherine Brislin and Rebecca Archer were competing against twelve other schools. The competition was tough as some of the schools were Hoërskool Eduplex, Hoërskool Roodepoort, Pretoria Boys High, Pretoria High School for Girls and Trinityhouse High School Little Falls to name but a few.
The learners were informed of the rules for the competition and the judicators gave them a practise round. The judicators starts with seen words and then they move on to unseen words.
Unfortunately, but because of nerves, Rebecca fell out with the first round. She came 14th out of fourteen competitors. After a few rounds the unseen words round started and then Katherine fell out. She was 8th of fourteen competitors.
It made me proud to accompany these two ladies. They received compliments because of their behaviour and appearance. It made me proud to know that these two ladies went to Gauteng Finals and this is an additional language spelling bee. It is daunting to do something like this. - Carin van der Merwe

A Murray

  Thinking aHead

   20 September 2017

   Peace without limits...

Dear pupils, parents and the broader school community,

The international Day of Peace has been celebrated on September 21st since the United Nations General Assembly initiated it in 1982. International Peace Day is a global observance and not a public holiday. Prayer services and peace events are held throughout the world on this day. Peace Day has grown to become a time for global celebration, education and reflection on peacebuilding in local communities and throughout the world. The United Nations invites all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities and to otherwise commemorate the day through education and public awareness on issues related to peace.

The theme for 2017 is: “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for all.” which aims to highlight the importance of all segments of society to work together for peace.
The International Day of Peace reflects the innermost aspiration of all peoples to live together, free and equal in dignity and rights.
“Violence is tearing the world apart – violence that aims to strike at the cultural and religious values of people. To build peace, we must open our eyes to the reality of the hidden crisis facing education in conflicts, with schools being targeted and education in schools becoming a means of indoctrination and to sow the seeds of hate.” (Message of Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova)
“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defense of peace must be constructed.” (UNESCO statement penned over 70 years ago amid the ruins of the Second World War)
To counter discourses of hatred that seek to set cultures, against each other, we must guarantee universal access to quality education to enable one to withstand calls to violence. We must relentlessly combat racism, discrimination, extremism and the manipulation of cultural and religious identities.
“Over the coming days, let us stand with millions of people across the worlds who are suffering the devastating impact of violence and conflict. Let us share ideas and plans for helping and supporting them in their time of dire need.” (UN General Secretary General Ban Ki-moon)
“While the scenarios of history change and peoples are called to face profound - and at times dramatic – transformations, it is increasingly necessary that the followers of different religions meet each other, in dialogue, walking together and collaborating for peace in the very “spirit of Assisi” that recalls the luminous testimony of St Francis. (Pope Francis)
The peace dove flying with an olive branch in its beak is one of the most commonly featured symbols for the day (International Peace Day) In Judaism , Christianity and Islam a white dove is generally a sign of peace. The dove can also represent ‘hope for peace’ or a peace offering from one person to another, hence the phrase “to extend an olive branch.”   Often the dove is represented as still in flight to remind people of its role as messenger.
World Peace Day.jpg
International Lasallian Days for Peace:  September 21st – October 21st 2017.
The theme of our Lasallian Days for Peace this year (2017) is: “Peace without Limits”
As has been the custom in Lasallian Schools/Centers and Communities in recent years, our Lasallian Month of Prayer for Peace begins on the 21st September –UN International Peace Day and ends on Saturday the 21st October – our Lasallian International Day of Prayer for Peace.  Schools and Centers are encouraged to organize various events around the theme of ‘Peace’ during the course of Peace Month. We are thus asked to organize some activity on Friday, October 20th so that Lasallians around the world will be united in prayer or action for peace – “Together and by association” with:
  • 80 000 Teachers/Educators
  • Over 1 million Students
  • Around 5 000 Brothers
  • In 917 Lasallian Educational Centers in over 80 countries
“Peace will not be achieved, if it does not become the collective action of everyone in the community:
peace for all and peace by all.” (Lineamenta 76)
Best wishes
Atholl Murray

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 1.12.58 PM.png
August 2017

Mr Nolte.jpg
Our teacher for this month is Mr Marthinus (Martin) Nolte who is one of the Deputy Heads at the Junior School.

Mr Nolte was born in Alberton and at an early age the family moved to the Westrand where he completed his schooling at Laerskool Horison and Hoërskool Roodepoort.
For his tertiary education he obtained degrees in Biological Science (BSc) - Zoology and Botany; BSc Honours - Zoology / Aquatic Health and a Master of Science (MSc) - Zoology.

Mr Nolte started teaching at De La Salle Holy Cross College Junior School in 2009. He has been a class teacher, subject coordinator for Natural Science and Grade coordinator for Grade 7. He carries the portfolio of extra-curricular activities. Mr Nolte has also been involved in coaching cricket, rugby and athletics over the years.

The Soapbox Derby in the Junior School was his idea, and in 2012 the first derby was held and since then with all the support from the parent body, staff and the broader DLSHCC community it has grown to what it is today.

Mr Nolte is married to Charlotte Elizabeth whom he describes as his wonderful, supportive and loving wife and an awesome mother to their three beautiful children - Carli the eldest (7 years) in Grade 1; Christiaan (5 years) in Grade RR and Talia (2 years).
In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family and friends and being involved in recreational sports such as tennis, playing touch rugby - social and at league level (super league) for the last 20 years, re-loading of ammunition, birding and spending time in nature. He is currently busy with the restoration of a classic vintage vehicle.

When asked about the future of education in South Africa, Mr Nolte sees that there is huge scope for improvement within our education system. It is important that those in the main seats make the right decisions to ensure every child in the country gets a good basic education and that schools are fully functional. There is a need to focus on the artisan sector as there is a shortage of these skills currently in South Africa. Technical schools catering for these children should be considered as not every child is an academic.
It is important that we at DLSHCC stay abreast with the ever-changing technological era but still keep in mind a holistic education. This is essential as it will stand our children in good stead for what the world out their throws at them when they leave school.

We are fortunate to have to a very rich history introduced by our founders. Even after many years, certain educational principles are still very relevant. We need to apply the values and virtues of being good teachers and continue with the work of our Founders. We need to ensure that opportunities are given to our learners so they can learn, experience and be the best they possibly can be while, at the same time, providing the foundation on which they can build their future.

Mr Nolte is extremely excited about DLSHCC and the era in which our school is going. There are passionate teachers within a caring and nurturing environment and with the right mind-set our school can only continue to grow into a college of excellence. As Ann Lieberman quoted: “Great teachers empathise with kids, respect them, and believe that each has something special that can be built upon.” We have a responsibility to harvest this by teaching, encouraging, instructing, mentoring, praising, influencing, guiding and inspiring every child stepping into DLSHCC.
When selected as Superior General of the De la Salle Brothers in 1966, Charles Henry Buttimer was the first non-French leader of the De la Salle Brothers. Whilst Superior General, he instituted many formation programmes for the brothers throughout the world.

This year I was privileged to complete my second year of studies at the Buttimer Institute of ButtimerInstitute1.jpg
Lasallian Studies at Manhatten College in New York.
Last year we looked at our founding story, the life of St John Baptist De la Salle. The story was presented through readings, discussions and studying the letters of encouragement, advice and admonishment that our founder wrote so regularly to the brothers in their different schools.

This year we studied amongst other texts, “The Conduct of the Christian Schools”. We studied the pedagogical writings of De la Salle and analysed these in terms of our present reality in the Lasallian mission.

As one of the Lasallian teachers gathered from all around the world, I have returned inspired and determined to share what I have learnt with all the school community.

Some wise words from our founder:
“You can perform miracles by touching the hearts of those entrusted to your care.” (Meditation 180.3)
We are very happy to welcome back into our community, Sr Roswitha Pelle who, for was the Principal of Holy Cross Convent in Victory Park and was part of the amalgamation of the two schools, Holy Cross Convent and De la Salle College, in 1986. Over the years, Sister Roswitha was transferred to Windhoek, then back to Victory Park, then back to Windhoek and now we are delighted to once again have her back with us in Victory Park. Her “old” pupils will recall Sister Roswitha as being an outstanding Biology teacher who had a wonderful rapport with them in the classroom and around the school environment. She was also a dedicated and compassionate principal whose wisdom and insight is still very much appreciated.

Sister, we wish you many more happy and healthy years in Victory Park and we are delighted to have you right here on campus! Please pop in at a break time for a cup of coffee and a chat as we will always treasure your friendship, your wealth of knowledge and guidance.
The “Come Back, Give Back” dance, held the night after the Matric Dance, is always very special event and this year we were once again able to help a community less fortunate than ourselves with R15 000.00 made on that evening. Please see the letter below from Brother Joseph at our Lasallian Tsholofelo Community:
“Dear Friends,
We learned from the brothers in Johannesburg that your 'Come back, bring back programme" was a huge success.
Of course we are very happy that you chose to donate to our activities in the Rustenburg area. We thank you and the organizers on behalf of the under-privileged people that we serve. We have 5 development centres in different squatter camps where we provide skills training, adult literacy, a health care clinic and early learning centres. We ourselves believe that development of community structures, where people try deal with their own felt needs, is important for impoverished communities. Youth activities such as football clubs, netball clubs, drama and music groups etc are tremendously important in the in the growth of youth in areas where the only form of entertainment is shebeens, drugs and other anti-social behaviour.
We have decided to use your donation to purchase equipment and to organize competitions for the youth in these centres.
Yours Sincerely,
Bro Joseph (For Tsholofelo Community)”
“Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house.motherteresa.jpg
Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbour…
Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.
Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face,
Kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting."
(St Teresa of Calcutta) – Submitted by Mr Ramlall

May I wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday and, if you are travelling locally or overseas, ”Bon voyage” and safe travels.
 Let us remember that we are always in the holy presence of God.
Hail Holy Cross - Our only hope
St John Baptist de la Salle - Pray for us
Mother Bernarda - Pray for us
Live Jesus in our hearts - Forever.
D J Harris
College Principal

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.54.22 PM.png  Spartan Territory
    1 August 2017

My last few blogs have dealt with the role of extra-curricular activities in schools, as well as the role that parents and coaches play.

The 2017 winter sports season ended on a high note with the Winter Sports Dinner on 21 June and the Winter Sports Awards Assembly on 22 June, where our players and their achievements were celebrated.

We thank everyone involved in this season for all the hours spent on practising, coaching and supporting.

As the pace is slowing down on the sports front, it is gathering speed on the academic front. Our pupils are writing July examinations at this time and I would like to assist them in managing their lives at this stressful time.

  • Study according to a timetable – this will break down the subjects into definite time slots, which is more manageable. Stick to this timetable as far as possible.
  • Have a back-up plan for stressful situations: identify adults / friends that you can talk to, or go to for assistance.
  • Make sure that you exercise enough. The benefits of an active lifestyle on academic work has been proven throughout the years.  You do not have to spend hours on this; go for a short walk or a run, spend 30 minutes in the gym, or play with the dog for a while.
  • Pay attention to the advice your teachers are giving you in class. Utilise revision sessions and extra lessons, as they are part of the learning process.
  • Get enough sleep. Your body, especially your brain, needs rest in order to function optimally.
  • Do not study for hours on end; take regular 10 minute breaks to enable your brain to regain focus.
  • Eat healthy food on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • Set achievable goals for yourself and enjoy feeling good about attaining those goals.

Wishing you well for the exams. Try not to stress and you will certainly be successful.

Have a blessed week!

Stephan Germishuys
Deputy Headmaster

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