Grade RR & Grade R

De La Salle Holy Cross College offers Grade RR and Grade R children the opportunity to start their school days here at the Junior School.

Admission for Grade RR takes place in the child's fourth year, turning five.

Admission for Grade R takes place in the child's fifth year, turning six.

The majority of applications are made shortly after birth. We request that parents keep in touch with the school after application so that contact details are up to date.

Interviews take place in the child's fourth year, turning five, and this process begins in February of the year prior to starting at the College.

The Grade RR and Grade R children enjoy a busy and happy day at school where the curriculum is still a balanced mix of formal and informal activities. Emphasis is placed on creative activities such as drawing, painting, woodwork, construction, dressing up and free play. These activities provide the teachers with opportunities to observe and monitor fine and gross motor skills. The more formal part of the day is devoted to Religious Education, listening to stories, news, a perceptual programme, school readiness, computers, music and Physical Education.

The College is privileged to be able to offer the services of speech therapists, psychologists, an occupational therapist and learner support specialists.


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Grade RR Classes

Our Grade RR curriculum is based on the proven benefits of learning through play.

Our days are full of wonderful activities including art, baking, movement, math, gross and fine motor skills, social development, emotional growth, music, drama, books, reading, talking, water play, discussions, climbing, running, building, quiet time, story’s amazing what your children can fit into a morning!

The children also have play-ball twice a week and happy-beat (interactive music classes) once a week.

All of these activities are done throughout our week, most of them happening every day. Because the children are essentially playing and since their ‘job’ as children is to play, they are constantly learning and absorbing in all that they do. Most importantly, the “Squirrels and Hedgehogs” are stimulated, cared for and loved.

Hedgehogs - Mrs Katherine Smith
Squirrels - Mrs Nanku Phala

Grade R Classes

Blue Group Mrs Nikki Dickson
Red Group Mrs Chantelle Silva-Williams
Yellow Group Mrs Rose Ribeiro
Green Group Mrs Tanya Hill

Grade R Poem

Welcome to a world of learning and fun.
Of pictures and painting and play in the sun.
Come peep through our windows and see what we do.
There's BIG bright classrooms: red, yellow, green and blue.
We learn letters and numbers and do all kinds of art.
If you’re five turning six then you’re able to start!
We also do computers, swimming and Physical Education.
And we learn to speak Zulu and sing 'Doe ray me'.
We get to do woodwork, fixing and making.
And once every week we do mixing and baking.
Outside our playground is really quite cool.
Grade R is a FUN-tastic place to start school!