This week's news

This week's news


Grades 3 - 6 enjoyed making a splash during their Interhouse Swimming Gala at the Gavan Ryan Aquatic Centre, well done to all who participated! Thank you to the parents for cheering them on, we appreciate your support! More photos in 'Gallery'.


What a blessing it is to gather in the holy presence of God. Grades 6, 11 and 12 joined the parish community for Holy Mass.

First day back to school! What a happy morning, we are so thankful for the beginning of a new school year! May it be filled with new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships and renewed energy to tackle challenges. More photos in 'Gallery'.

Grade R is a rainbow of possibilities! More photos in 'Gallery'.


The Grade 5s were excited to check out their new classroom block.

“The start of a new year is a time of growth and the appreciation of new opportunities. We have lived through a very challenging two years which at times might have left us feeling a little doubtful. God has been with us the whole time. In 2022 let us transition from hope to trust; trust in the abilities God has blessed us with, trust in each other and our community, and trust in the everlasting presence of God. Let us use this trust to fulfil our roles in the College and in the lives of our children. Let us trust in God for continued protection, comfort and peace”. - Neil Berndsen.

Interhouse Gala - Grades 3-6