This week's news

This week's news


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pdfJunior School Newsletter - Issue 6 - May

Closing the month of May, dedicated to our Lady, our Junior School students wrote personal prayers, which were posted together and offered to her as a spiritual bouquet. Each grade prayed a decade of the Rosary in her honour, as well as a prayer for the end of the pandemic, in union with Pope Francis. More photos in 'Gallery'.

WATCH: A happy end to the week as we celebrate music in the Junior School. Marimbas, Ukuleles, Djembe drums and solo pieces. Thanks to Mrs de Klerk, Mr Bennett & Royal Vibrationz.
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Happy Africa Day!

WATCH: Celebrating Africa Day at the Junior School. More photos in 'Gallery'.
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Grade RR celebrating DLS Day watching Mass and enjoying treats!

Grade 1R teaching yellow group how to read to celebrate our founding teacher - St John Baptist De La Salle.

The Mini-Science Lab visited our school this week and our pupils were delighted to see a number of experiments conducted. These experiments helped them understand the changing states of matter, gravity and chemical reactions.

In celebration of Founder’s Week, an Appreciation Tea was held for our own De La Salle Brothers - and pupils wrote notes of appreciation to the Brothers, teachers and staff.

DLSHCC supported Slipper Day, Reach For A Dream’s most celebrated fundraiser, on 7 May.
'Not All Heroes Wear Capes' is the running theme of the campaign and is a fitting reminder that our brave children and all our doctors, nurses and their families are the true heroes of this time. This Slipper Day promises to echo the hearts of all these heroes and why all of us need to come together to believe in the magic of a dream come true.
Thank you to the DLSHCC Slipper Day supporters for supporting this worthy initiative.
More photos in 'Gallery'.
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We are grateful for a smooth, safe start to the new school term!
More photos in 'Gallery'.
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This week's news