This week's news

This week's news
School reopens on 17 January 2018, 07:40. Wishing you all a safe and happy December holiday.

A fond farewell to Mrs Mary Hyam


Mrs Mary Hyam retired as Headmistress of the Junior School at the end of the term, December 2017. A final Farewell Mass and brunch was held in her honour on the last day of school, 7 December, where the pupils presented her with gifts and photo albums. See 'Gallery' and 'In the Media' for more photos.

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The Alumni Committee has published their 2nd newletter - please click the image below to read it:
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 From the PAC - pdfPAC Note 2017


7 December 2017

As I retire as Headmistress I would like to share my thanks and a few thoughts with you.

What does one say when it is time to leave a place where one has been hosted by special people, one has been privileged to become part of a special community and shared many special moments with that community?
We at De La Salle Holy Cross College comprise of a community with many different faces, faiths, cultures, roles, interests, ideas, expectations, life stories, experiences.

It is time to say THANK YOU.

Fr James generously and willingly guides us on our spiritual path.

The Board of Governors give so generously of their time and expertise in the governance of the school. A special thank you to Advocate Paul McNally, the chairperson, for being so available with help and advice when I have had to make difficult decisions.
The Ethos Committee ensures that the ethos of the College is paramount in all that we do and that we continue to live out the motto “Be First that you may be of Service.”

The College is blessed to have an interested and involved parent body which serves the daily life of the College both formally, on the various committees, PAC, Environment, Transformation and Diversity, and, informally, by volunteering your services in a variety of ways. Your generosity of spirit and interest is greatly appreciated.

To the staff – academic, sports and cultural, administration and support. Your commitment, hard work, loyalty to the school and care of the children is appreciated and definitely not taken for granted. Thank you to each and every one of you for the unique contribution to making the College the special place that it is. And to your families who probably aren’t even too sure what you look like at this time of the year with all the marking and school functions. Thank you.

To my left and right hands, Mrs Ilsley and Mr Nolte. Your willingness to go the extra mile, your support, your incredible work ethic and sense of humour create a wonderful spirit and sense of fun on the School Management Team. Thank you!

Ms Harris. Thank you for your mentorship, willingness and openness and most of all your love and friendship. Majwita!!!

To the children. We save the best to the last! I have always enjoyed your fresh way of seeing things. Your energy and enthusiasm, your sense of fun and spontaneity.
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ME Hyam
Retiring Headmistress
Let’s look differently at the word ‘thank you’ and see what else it can tell us.

T is for TRUST
Trust in yourselves. This will give you the confidence to make decisions, to stand fast when things are difficult, to know the difference between right and wrong. Demonstrate to others that you are trustworthy, that they can rely on you and have confidence in you.
The Holy Cross motto “In the Cross is Salvation” tells us that out of despair and sadness hope can grow. Holy Cross schools are places of hope. Take that sense of hope into your future, knowing that something positive can always be found in a bleak situation.
Learn to accept yourself. You have been made in the image of God and you need to remember that, God don’t make no junk! If I’m good enough for God, I’m good enough for me and everyone else. Learn to accept others, despite the differences between you. Accommodate and celebrate each other’s differences.
N is for NAME
Your name defines you. Only allow people to call you by your name. Find out what it means and why it was given to you. Say it with pride. Use everyone’s names with respect.
The world is crying out for kindness. It is one of the few things that matters. It is not something that comes to an end, the more we practise it, the better we get at it. When you receive it, pass it on to others. Reach out to people who are not as fortunate as you. Enrich their lives with your kindness.
Y is for YOUTH
You are the future! The world is an exciting place and it is waiting to welcome you. Choose the values you wish to live by with care. Know your strengths. Acknowledge your weaknesses. Work to improve them and turn them into strengths. Follow your dreams. You are the difference that the world is waiting to see.
Make the most of every opportunity. Treasure the opportunity of education, use it to develop your skills and strengths. Take risks and try new things. Be thankful and use every opportunity to grow and become the best person that you can be.
U is for UNIQUE
Each one of you is unique, special. There is only one of you. Believe in yourself and become your own person. Be proud of who you are. Set your goals and reach for the stars. Be ready to make the difference that the world is waiting for.

 Holiday Club
8 and 11-15 December - lots of exciting activities and outings including Pantomime at the Civic Theatre, Acrobranch and more! Further details pdfDecember Holiday Club or enquiries to Mrs Berndsen 083 709 3809.
Dates to Diarise:
Please see the Communicator for further details and other fixtures.
  • 7 January 07:40 - School reopens for Term 1, 2018.

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2018 MDC Spur Evening

2018 MDC Spur Evening

On Tuesday, 5 December, the 2018 MDC held a fundraising evening at the Wild Falcon Spur. Great fun was had by Junior and High School families - thanks for the support everyone!


Out & About

Out & About



Grade R concert

Grade R concert

Well done to all our Grade R superstars! What a lovely concert.


Gr 7 Market Day

Gr 7 Market Day