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Environment Committee

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The Environment Committee is a body of parents from both schools committed to assisting in greening DLSHCC. Some members have expertise in related fields; others bring their enthusiasm and energy.


Environmental Committee News:

The Environmental Committee is working hard on making environmental education and awareness an intrinsic and essential part of our children's education, as we face ongoing and growing environmental challenges.

Electronic waste collection


How often have you thought that you can't keep up with how quickly technology is advancing. Unfortunately the planet feels the same way - it cannot keep up with the huge amount of waste that is generated as technology forges ahead.

The electronic waste that each person generates is considerable and often the thought of how to dispose of it is a daunting one. E-waste is banned from landfills as it contains hazardous materials that leach into the ground water when exposed to the elements. Consumption of this water, even after filtration can cause health problems. Often electronic recyclers will only collect if there is a large load.

That is why the environmental committee has decided to have an electronic waste (e-waste) collection a few times a year, giving you the opportunity to dispose of your e-waste in a responsible manner.



"Be first, that you may be of service" underpins our Outreach Projects.

We try to address some of the needs of our community in the following ways:

Saint Vincent de Paul Society

We undertake a sandwich-making project once a month, whereby children and families are asked to donate bread and spread and to spend time on a Sunday morning making sandwiches for the “Sole Provider” initiative.


Nazareth House

The Grade 6 learners visit the children’s home at Nazareth House once a week to help with homework and to play games. They also visit some of the elderly residents in the retirement section of the Home. The choir entertains the residents once a year.

Frederic Place

The Grade 6 learners visit Frederic Place Old Age Home once a week. They take biscuits for teatime and entertain the elderly residents. They also host a Christmas lunch.

The choir entertains the residents once a year.

Sparrow School

The Grade 2 classes and the Matric class host the Grade 2 children from Sparrow School for the annual fun sports day.

Christmas Boxes

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Throughout the year the school collects suitable items for Christmas gift boxes ('Fit-in-a-Box' gifts) and these are donated to a variety of charities at Christmas.

Easter Eggs

Every year about 10 000 Easter eggs are donated to the Holy Cross project in Plastic View.

Lady Selborne Fete

Lady Selborne is a retirement home for Holy Cross Sisters and a hospice. Every second year they have a fete and the school collects items for the tombola and white elephant stalls.

May Procession

In May we have a beautiful outdoor procession to honour Mary the Mother of God.

During the procession the children donate gifts of fresh fruit, bread and tinned foods which are donated to Robin Hills Primary and the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Grade 7 Mass

In October the Catholic Schools Office organises a Mass at Regina Mundi in Soweto for all Grade 7s in Catholic Schools in Johannesburg. Donations of tinned food are presented during the Offertory Procession at the Mass. They are given to the Sisters of Charity for distribution.

Johannesburg Library Book Collection

Each year about 4 000 second-hand books are collected for the Johannesburg Library.

ANGELS Programme

Through the Grade 6 ANGELS initiatives many other charities benefit from the generosity of our school community.

Class Masses

A different class attends Mass each week and the children are invited to present a loaf of bread at the Presentation of the Gifts.

The bread is donated to the Mother Teresa Home.